wednesday wishlist: eighteen

wednesday wishlist: eighteen
From Left to Right:
BlackLeather Look Panel Skater Dress: £32.00: River Island
TallOversize Burnout Tee: £16.00: Topshop
BlackStrap Bralet: £40.00: River Island
MaurikaStud Trim Slippers: £32.00: Topshop
QuiltedZip Bottom Shopper: £75.00: Topshop
MaryamCross Print Slipper Shoes: £19.99: Missguided
BlackBurnout Lace Skater Skirt: £18.00: River Island
GreenBasket Weave Beanie Hat: £13.00: River Island

So if we can take anything from this wishlist, it’s that I still pretty much adore anything black and/or studded. The dress and the bralet would be brilliant for the upcoming “party season” – sorry, I actually hate that phrase, it makes me cringe. £40.00 for a bralet is a little steep though River Island, tut tut. I love it when Topshop introduce another oversize tee; I always think they have a great fit and shape. I saw the green hat on someone elses blog not long ago (apologies for forgetting who it is!) and I love the colour – forest green is always a perfect winter colour. More earrings too, it is definitely time I got my ears pierced and stop aimlessly lusting over earrings. I love the Topshop shoes, but I ruin shoes really quickly and I imagine I’d batter these down pretty quickly. I’ve bought the black version of the Missguided shoes (they’re waiting for me back in England) and I’m happy they’ve introduced the burgundy and nude version too (my bank balance isn’t so happy though). I’ve broken my bag – I must carry too many big books – so I’m lusting after so many bags at the moment, but they’re all so horrendously expensive including this one. Primark hurry up and copy some on the cheap! 


  1. I wanted that burnout tee but it was sold out by the time I added it to basket - love love love it.

  2. I want this hat so bad! The colour is amazing! You can also never go wrong with Topshop oversized tees! Love them.

    1. nope, you really can't! they're always such a good fit and always in such good colours too! x

  3. Love it all! xo

  4. Absolutely love the dress and the hat! :) xo


  5. Love the loafers!
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  6. Oh my god I love everything on this wish list!

  7. Great wishlist - can't decide what I'd want most...!