Wednesday, 18 December 2013

wednesday wishlist: christmas edition

wednesday wishlist: christmas edition

This is kind of my Christmas list, I suppose! There's a post going round Tumblr at the moment that says that the older you get, the harder your Christmas list gets. It's true, because the things I want this year and the kind of things money can't buy! Oh well, never one to shy away from a challenge, I still gave my list a go...The hardship!

I really want a make up book, because basically, I feel as though my Mother let me down by not ever teaching me how to wear make up and then I compounded the problem by never making friends with girls who knew what they were doing either. Everyone says you should just watch a YouTube tutorial, but I watch them and I do what they do, but it doesn't work? I tried to learn how to wear blusher the other day, and by day four there was more on my forehead than my cheeks. So I'm going to try and learn the only way I know how, by reading about it. There's a variety of make up on there too for when I learn ;)

Hairdressing scissors are there are more of a visual representation of how much I need a haircut. Recently my hair has got a lot shorter without me cutting it, a bad sign right? I'm absolutely petrified of having my hair cut though, last time I had it cut my housemate had to come with me and I had knock down three shots before I left the house. It's in such bad condition because I use too much heat, and so you know, what better way to sod it up more by asking for new straighteners!

The bike paint is on there because I really want to paint my bike black! But then I'd have to buy new bike bags because mine wouldn't match. And as my bike is currently under forced repair because I need two new wheels, a new light and a new brake, then I think maybe the colour will have to take a step back in terms of importance.

I had the black version of the dress for an interview, and it made me feel amazing. You know when a dress is just perfect? I wanted to buy as many colours as possible, and of course they've all sold out!

And then Amsterdam, because I just desperately want to go back again. I found this video of my Dutch friend cycling last night and my first reaction was to cry at how Brummie I sound, and my second was a feeling of desperation to get back over to Holland as soon as the funds will let me. Plane tickets for Christmas would not be all that bad!

What are you after this year?


  1. I agree, I couldn't follow any make-up tutorials on Youtube despite everyone telling me to look on YT. I have Bobbi Brown's make up book (after many claims its a wonderful make up newbie book) but haven't read on it on my ereader yet. Right now, I'm just winging my make up and so far it looks decent enough to head out.

    I also need a straightener, mines just don't work whatsoever.

  2. I love your list Annie, it's all rather practical and needed by the sounds of it :) you should definitely treat yourself to a make up tutorial book if no-one gets you one, you can often find them in TK Maxx. I think it's trial and error with learning to wear make-up, the earlier you start the younger you'll be when you've perfected your look :) you'll find things that look amazing on other people but just don't suit you, but it's definitely important to experiment to find what works best for you and makes you feel confident wearing it! I hope you manage to get your bike fixed up soon :) and plane tickets!! xxx