52 lists: my best qualities.

I've been trying to write a blogpot on this subject for a while, so it's probably a good thing that this has come along. I don't think we look at ourselves in a very good light most of the time, and it's important to think of something we're good at occasionally. This is something I need to remind myself of more often - I'm an incredibly self-deprecating kinda person. 

  1. My Dad says I'm the kind of person who just gets on with things. It's not something I see much of myself in, but it's nice to know that that is something someone thinks of me. He reckons that when I'm faced with a task I find boring or miserable, I will crack on with it and get it done, even if I moan and whine along the way.
  2. I'm really good at getting train seats, and I pride myself on doing it without being rude and pushing everyone. I think I've been travelling back and forth between London so often recently that I've honed my skill. Even when the train is busy, I will be on a front facing window seat at a table, and there is no other reason for this other than my sheer determination. Is that even a quality...?
  3. I'm quite to the point and I rarely ever play games with people. A lot of the time, what you see is what you get with me. 
  4. Even though I'm shy, I would never intentionally exclude anyone. I try and make sure that everyone is included in a conversation. 
  5. I'll admit to being judgemental at first glance, but I'm open minded and would never act upon those judgements - unless they're confirmed.
  6. I'm incredibly honest, whether it's about my feelings or whether it's on my own shortcomings.
  7. I'm aware of my shortcomings and never pretend to be something I'm not - and will admit if I'm wrong.
  8. If I know I need to apologise for something, I will do just that, even if it's humiliating.
It's really not easy to think of good things about yourself! What are your good qualities?

52 lists is a series of posts by Ema at Made in Hunters. Let me know if you're joining in, and you can see my other posts here.


  1. This is something i find really hard to do too- maybe its a British thing? Id like to think that I am good at organizing things, keeping myself positive and I'm thoughtful. Completely agree with the judgemental one, I think everyone is at first, you can't really stop that initial first thought that pops up though

  2. It is hard to think of good qualities - I think my good qualities seem to go hand in hand with the bad ones! Like I feel things really really strongly so when I'm upset I'm very upset. But equally when I'm happy I'm really positive and happy! It's the same for people, I get very attached which could be bad but it's also good cos I know I'm appreciative of the people in my life :) x

  3. I just got an internship at and have to wear business attire and I have absolutely no idea what to wear either! Also its all so expensive and so its not even fun shopping because you're buying pencil skirts and blazers. Why can't skinny jeans be work appropriate!?
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