five things i've learnt this week (or...recently)


1. My Oyster card will always need topping up.

I swear to god the bloody thing doesn't cap. One of the bad things about being able to walk to work every day means that I can't particularly justify a travelcard, which means I am just going to remain one of the hordes at the ticket machines topping up. I swear I must have topped up a tenner every day that I've been in London thus far, what is going on? 

2. I can actually get of bed at 4am.

Admittedly its a bit of a struggle, but I thought I'd drag myself to work kicking and screaming. Actually, getting up at 4am isn't so bad. I probably turn up to work with eyeliner on my lips and my dress tucked into my knickers but we can ignore that....

3. Having a job you enjoy is so different to having one you don't.

I don't really get chance for a lunch break at work and this is the first job that I've ever had where it hasn't mattered. I don't stare at the clock praying that home time is coming, and it probably has something to do with the whole not minding getting up at 4am thing. Having a job you dislike is miserable, it makes you cry everyday and it pretty much ruins everyday too. Its early day but I enjoy this new job and things are very different. 

4. Living with housemates doesn't get easier even when you're not a student.

They're still annoying and they still do the most ridiculous of things. This evening my housemate stole my garlic bread but he did it in the most blatent of fashions. I.e, he took it out the fridge, cooked it and then ate it all in front of me - leaving me to wonder how I managed to get to the grand old age of 23 and I'm still too much of a wuss to have just said something like "Oi, mate, why are you eating my garlic bread?" and also leaving me to wonder how he got into his twenties and still thinks that eating someone elses garlic bread is okay. Housemate drama always sounds so petty but its so real when you live it.

5. Organising holidays is an arse ache.

I'm going away with five boys (do you perhaps see where this is going...?) and I somehow ended up being the one to book the flights. I sat there for three hours on Saturday morning trawling through websites and trying to find the cheapest deals. We've now ended up flying out of one airport and flying in to another. Not everyone wanted cabin baggage and maths still isn't my forte. I'm still not overly sure everyone has paid me, and I'm still waiting on some passport information. If we fly off to Amsterdam without a hitch then it will have been nothing short of a miracle.

Have you learnt anything special this week?


  1. Ohhh I hate housemate drama! It's always a pain, even when it's silly!!
    But I'm happy for you that you have a job you love :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  2. I agree with you on holidays,but it will be worth it once you're there! I've learnt to stress less and try and take things as they come.xx

  3. Living with parents is worse than with housemates, think about it ahah!
    Waking up at 4am is harsh ouch!
    What kinda job is yours? I'm curious now! xx

  4. He took your garlic bread & ate it in front of you, the cheek of it!
    I could never wake up at 4am!! I'm so not a morning person!! xx

  5. You get up at FOUR AM!? Yeesh, I used to think 6:15am was bad! But if you're doing it for a job you're enjoying, then I guess it's okay! Housemates can be weird. I am lucky to live with my best friend so there aren't any food-stealing dramas, but when I stayed with a group of friends for a couple of weeks it happened ALL THE TIME. Why do people think it's okay?!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  6. Love this post! Hope your new job is going well and you're loving ldn life! I'm very jealous! xxxx

  7. wooow 4am! go you! so much housemate drama! i'm so lucky that i became such close friends with the strangers i moved in with at the start of this year. i'm just living with my best friends ever and am so lucky <3

  8. My key learning for you is next time you're going on a trip with friends, give everyone the flight details then leave it up to them to book individually. Whenever I've tried anything other than this it's a complete nightmare!

    Good to hear you're enjoying your job so much :)

    x Scarlett

  9. I ALWAYS have to top up my oyster card too! It's got less frequent since I linked it to my 16-15 railcard though, thank gawd! I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying your job too! xo

  10. Love the idea behind this post, and I'm glad to hear you're getting on so well in your new job. I think I must have missed a post, or my terrible memory is in action here, but what job is it that you're doing? :) Housemate drama sounds the worst. I can deal with most things but if someone steals my food it's the end of the world haha. It's so sad that us Brits are such wusses when it comes to speaking out, you might have to resort to sticking name labels on your food in future! xxx

  11. Hey there! I've just put you in my blogroll because you're one of my daily reads and favorite blogs! :)

  12. Annie where have you gone!!! xxx