wednesday wishlist: what the hell is smart casual.

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I started my first big girls proper job this week, and I've been thrown by the whole smart casual dress code thing. Seriously though, what is smart casual? Is it smart? Is it casual? They are not connecting things. It's like you don't get apples and oranges and throw them in a bowl and call it a appnge. Smart and casual are opposite things. They can't get mixed. Anyway, that's my rant over. I don't get it, I never will, and it's bloody stupid. But also, HELP. WHAT DO I WEAR? If I'm really honest, I've been a little bit thrown by having to put my own outfits together. I won't lie, when I applied to go to sixth form, a little part of me applied to go to that particular one because it had a school uniform. I loved the fact that someone told me what to wear everyday and I didn't have to think about it. It was fine, I could do it two days of the week for the weekend, when I had more time. Then I became a student and even though I had to dress myself each week, I could do that because to be honest, if I looked like a bit of a scruff (which was often) I could always just blame it on a hangover. That same tactic cannot be used in a job. 

So this week I've been perusing the net in the interest of finding things that are smart casual (!) and if you have any ideas, please share it with me...


  1. Smart Casual is such a tricky one! Sixth Form was such a struggle for me every morning choosing what to wear. It's a bit of a running joke in my family as I would shout "what should I wear?" at least once every morning. Thankfully I have a uniform for my job so it's just on courses that say smart casual that my heart drops. I've always gone for a some tailored jeans, a crisp, tucked in shirt and a jacket. This is urring on the casual side but in a sports based job I can just about get away with it.
    Good Luck with your job my lovely and with the dress code!
    Kate xx

  2. Good Luck with your job! I really like the tartan skirt, it's the kind of thing you could wear to work but could easily go for a few drinks in afterwards! xxx

  3. I hate the word smart casual! I also hate wearing smart clothes! The sixth form I went to we had to wear SUITS! I was not happy with this, i never want to wear another blazer in my life! I love the playsuit you've included - that I could definetly deal with! xo

  4. Gorgeous picks!

  5. Congrats on the new job! Just stumbled upon your blog :). And I agree...what in the hell is "smart casual?" it caused the same reaction I get when people say "dressy/casual" you can't be both!! Ugh...but I'd say a chic blazer with a blouse, some statement jewelry and some straight leg trousers would be quite smart...maybe you can make it more casual by ummm not doing your hair that day? Haha jk.