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I'm Annie - it's not my real name but it might as well be. Unfortunately, my real name bears too many similarities to that of a famous singer which results in many people calling me the wrong name. Even my boss. Especially my boss. I hold down two jobs. I live in South West London in a flat with two other girls and not enough cats. I'm originally from near Birmingham and if I'm being honest with myself, I still have the accent to prove it. I lived in Holland at one point and miss it/don't miss it in equal measure. I have an addiction to drinking anything fizzy and truly think I'll have made it the day I have a bath I'm comfortable using. I love soaps, tulips, pâté, and travelling.

appletoothpaste is the result of a number of different blogs along the way, including a disastrous attempt at a beauty blog (why?!). Now I focus on things I really like, and the result is what I suppose is a lifestyle blog, mainly about my little visits to various parts of England at weekends, with occasionally dodgy photography (I promise I'm trying to get better). So if you're looking for lifestyle, buildings, cake recipes, more food and drink, a pocket of London to explore or a weekend break to enjoy, this is the blog for you.

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And now, a disclaimer...

appletoothpaste.co.uk is my blog, and the photos on it are mine too. If I use an image which isn't mine, I'll give full credit. If you want to use one of my photos (for some unknown reason), please ask me. Here are my contact details. I'll let you know if I've done a sponsored post or if I've used any items which have been gifted to me. I also make use of affiliate links - I'll earn a verrry small amount of money if you click those links, which are from ShopStyleCollective. 
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