Friday, 21 November 2014

going home.

Last weekend I went back home to Birmingham. It's been a while since I went back properly - last time I was in Birmingham I was working and with separated parents it's hard to fit everyone in in one night. Having a week off work meant I got to go back for longer than usual, but even that probably wasn't enough time. I kinda thought when you finished University that you didn't want to go home all the time because you had a home of your own, but I don't really feel like I have a home of my own in London, and now I also don't have the time like I did at University to go back. 

There's definitely something 'rejuvenating' about going back though. I live in a bit of a dive in London and even though my Mum has pretty much turned my room at home into a guest room, it's nice sleeping in a bed which isn't broken, in a warm room which isn't a teeny bit mouldy, having a proper bedroom door and god, having a proper bath. 

To be fair to my family, they always make it perfect for when I go back. A proper Sunday roast, the pub quiz, a cheeky lift to the swimming pool, shopping with my Mum and darts to Primark five minutes before closing. 

I've come back to London with more of a little plan. I'm desperate (and still hopeful) that I'll soon make a proper home here and won't feel as lost, have housemates I like and somewhere I don't feel embarrassed about bringing people back. Now I just have to put it into action. Possibly easier said than done.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

wednesday wishlist

wednesday wishlist

My disclaimer of the week comes via the H&M dress, which looks absolutely vile in this wishlist. In the store the dress is abolsutely lovely - when I was shopping last Saturday I saw it and kept touching it, until I remembered my BHS training (shudder) and remembered that that is what criminals do in shops and promptly stopped. Still, I just promise it's actually nice.

Is there something about Christmas time approaching (I say approaching, it's November and I refuse to even come to terms with the fact that Christmas really isn't that far away at all, I am not a festive person) that makes velvet, lace and sequins even more appealing than usual? 

I'm desperately on the search for a new suspender belt having broken three of mine recently, but I am so fussy when it comes to searching for a new one. This one on this wishlist is far too expensive (to the point that even if I had all the money in the world I still wouldn't spend it on something which is essentially the smallest bit of material), but if anyone has any ideas on where to find a new one, do let me know. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

bonfire night.

I love bonfire night. I think most of my childhood memories stem from bonfire night; the time my Dad dragged us to the local display and I remember him leaving the gas fire on, I must have been about seven but I still remember shitting my pants that we'd return to charcoal shell of a house. I remember doing those scratch crayon photos in year three, winning a Guy Fawkes competition with my cousins when I was very young (we won a fiver, it was like winning the lottery). I remember that Birmingham's main radio station used to broadcast live in the display which was behind my house and if you stuck your head out the window you could listen to the fireworks and hear the radio without venturing out into the cold. And I remember when I was in year 11 going to a display with my friends and being so cold that I honestly thought I was going to die. To this day I have never been so cold. Living in Holland was the first time I missed a display - but my friends drew a picture of a Guy and we had a bonfire in our halls instead. 

I still love bonfire night and I drive my friends mad in the month leading up to it with my incessant planning on going to a display. This year we trekked to the nearest free display on the actual day. We chose having a pint over waiting in the cold, which was a mistake as we only just made it in time. My work shoes got ridiculously muddy and we got ridiculously lost, but I still love it just as much as I did when I was a little girl. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

wednesday wishlist.


Sometimes I look at my Wednesday wishlists and wonder if I'd ever wear any of it at all. You know when you really want things but put off because you know you'd look like an absolute ball bag in them? Yeah, that should be the theme of it. For example, I doubt I'd ever wear anything cropped because no one needs to see that, and I don't tend to wear anything that clings to me either, which rules out most of this wishlist. But you can still want things right? The black sequeined dress - which I definitely would wear - is also the same dress that Beyonce wore a couple of days ago to an event. Who could make anything look as good as Beyonce does?!

I love all the underwear on this wishlist, Topshop have some amazing pieces in at the moment. Every time I make a wishlist I'm also reminded of my dire need to actually buy some heels at some point - and be a proper working girl - but buying heels are made slightly difficult with my massive feet (and these ones are a little bit out of my price range too...)

Monday, 10 November 2014

here's to good intentions.

Photos taken around Pimlico/Victoria/Chelsea/Earls Court
I hate to be one of those people that makes a big announcement that they've started blogging again after a big break, but here I am, doing exactly that. It's not a "HEY EVERYONE, bow down and be grateful, appletoothpaste has new posts, you should check them out straight away" kind of announcement, it's more a post of 'eh, I want to start blogging again, I was told I should probably start blogging again, I agree that I would like to start blogging again so here I am, blogging again about nothing in particular because I feel a bit like I've forgotten how this whole thing works' post. 

I started work, my first big girls job in March and honestly, before I started blogging and working (I'd always been a full time student when I'd been blogging before and not a lot else) I would always laugh at people who would say things like "oh, I don't know how you do it, work and blog at the same time" to other bloggers who worked 9-5s and still put posts up every day. Seriously how hard could it be?

I take it back, I take it back and I am so sorry for my silly judgementalness. Seriouly, what a twat. Work has overtaken my life somewhat in the past seven months and I've let other things that I enjoyed doing slide. Not to mention that I'm a big mouth in a politically sensitive job who was quite scared. Now I know how things work more and am not as worried. It's time maybe to start doing things I enjoy again and start managing my time better. 

Here's to good intentions, at least.