Friday, 27 February 2015

review: bootea 28 day teatox

I’m not overly sure how I came across Bootea, but as I’m not one for spending a long time in Holland and Barrett, I can only assume I came across it on Twitter. I’m also not sure what made me buy it – yes, I do want to lose weight and have wanted to lose weight for an absolute age, but I’m also petrified of going on diets thanks to an old and often reoccurring eating disorder and don’t tend to buy into many dieting fads because I hate spending money on things generally. Anyway, I did buy it, more on a whim than anything else and have subsequently rebought it, so do feel like I could be in a good position to finally review it. 

Bootea is a ‘teatox’, which claims to help you to kick-start your healthy lifestyle by using natural ingredients whacked into a tea drink. I think one of the things I like the most about Bootea is that they never make reference to diets, even though this product does help you to lose weight. They make constant references to how it’s only an aid, and should be used in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise. There’s no promises of a short term fix. 

In the course of the past year, I’ve had two 14 day detoxes, and one 28 day detox. You get the daytime cleanse packet, which you drink every day and then a night-time cleanse which is drunk every other day. It’s really easy to make (after all, it’s essentially just tea), so there’s no faffing about, and means it’s easy to drink at work too. I don’t like tea (bad British person), so I was a little unsure about how I’d get on with this, but I found it drinkable. I don’t think it’s something I would choose to order at Costa, but nothing I had to hold my nose to down. The daytime cleanse is definitely more drinkable than the night-time cleanse however, and slightly less pongy. 

I suppose the main thing to mention is that the night-time cleanse will make you poo. It’s as simple as that. You apparently get eight hours from drinking the tea to the time you ‘feel the need’, but for me it was a little bit more arbitrary than that. You do need to factor that in to your ‘teatox’ plans – if you’re planning on spending the day after drinking the night-time cleanse being a tourist far away from any form of toilet, I would seriously discourage that little idea. It’s not going to make you shit in your pants, but the need is there. 

Bootea also comes with an eating plan, but I didn’t use that as I don’t have the money nor do I have the time, patience or varied enough eating habits to go around and completely swap my eating habits. I did watch what I ate a little more, but nothing too crazy. 

Anyway, the main point of this review is that it works. I really wasn’t expecting it to work, as I’m pretty much a massive cynic about any of this stuff, but it works. I did lose weight when I drank this tea, and felt slightly healthier too. I can’t tell you how much weight I lost as I have a rule on never weighing myself, but I lost enough to really see it in myself, and also enough to get back into a skirt I’d bought a long time ago back in the Uni days and one of my more non-observant friends also said he thought I’d lost weight. Another added, and somewhat unexpected, benefit of the tea was that it helped to clear my skin up like nothing else ever has. I’ve never found anything quite like it for that. God, I’d probably recommend it for that alone. 

I don’t think this stuff is that cheap, but I am a skin flint, it’s probably not too out of anyone’s price range. I’d also recommend going for the 28 day ‘teatox’ over the 14 day, to get the real benefit. Bootea now do a range of shakes and I can’t wait to try those. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

wednesday wishlist.

wednesday wishlist.

from left to right:


I've always been the kind of person who has preferred structure when it comes to outfits. And by that I don't mean tailoring, I mean having rules and knowing what to wear when. Half the reason I chose my sixth form was because it had a uniform and I liked having a uniform. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to clothes - all my wishlists are black, white and grey with perhaps a hint of gold and this is how my wardrobe looks at all (with a bit of added green tartan for some unknown reason). I like having a dress code at work. I get less anxious about deciding what to wear. But this week, my wishlist is flooded with a few more items of comfort and this is because I've realised that over the past year or so of having an actual big girls job, I've kinda only bought things which are good for work and structure, and now my weekend wardrobe is lacking somewhat. I have a sudden urge to buy big baggy comfy jumpers, raglan tees and velvet leggings, none of which are appropriate for sitting behind a desk. I might have to place myself on a ban of buying work clothes for a bit and see if I can bump up the other section. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

on leaving pimlico.

For nearly a year now, since I moved to London, I’ve been living in Pimlico, and now I’m up and making the move to Clapham, something I’ve been aiming at doing for the past few months. Starting work at 5.45 meant I had to be close to my office because a lot of the tube lines are running in time for me to get in, and the nature of my job meant it was physically impossible for me to be late at any point. Starting at nine now has freed up London to me, and I don’t have to live so close anymore. 

My flat was quite horrible – from living with a violent housemate who used to scream in my face, open my post and tip my Malibu away (no mate no), having no bedroom door, opening my wardrobe to find all my shoes had gone mouldy, having a bed which was beneath the pavement and above the tube line which resulted in sleeping in a sandwich of noise, to having a bathroom that smelt very nasty every time a tap was turned on, combined with being surrounded by mirrors which resulted in every shower causing a major self confidence crisis – I could go on. 

But Pimlico itself is lovely. I’ll probably never be able to afford to live so centrally ever again (I can still hear Big Ben when I’m at home). Being able to walk up and down the Thames on my weekends off, to being able to catch the 24 bus which is practically a cheap sightseeing route and living on the Victoria line. Being surrounded by wonderful regency architecture and cute shops, to the ever so middle class Sainsburys market. I never thought I would be, but actually, I’m sad to go, but looking forward to a new adventure. 

Friday, 20 February 2015

review: soap and glory puffy eye attack turbo boost hydragel.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I used to work from 5.45 in the morning, but had got into the habit of falling asleep at midnight, which meant I basically survived on four hours sleep a night for about eleven months. Even now, with work starting at the slightly more humane time of 9am, I’m still not getting all the glorious sleep I used to treat myself to when I was a student/unemployed. I miss those days! Anyway, as a result I’ve ended up ageing. I wish this fact of life hadn’t hit me like a brick so close my 24th birthday, but it has. At Christmas, I asked for a product which would stop me looking so tired and so old and my Stepmum gave me this.

Soap and Glory reckon that this product is a “fast-acting, de-bloating, skin firming, collagen-boosting genius in a jar.” It’s meant to reduce dark circles, under eye inflammation, boost elasticity, microcirculation and collagen production – all while speeding up nutrient and oxygen delivery, increasing cell respiration and toxin removal to re-energise skin.


I just wanted something to stop me looking old and tired and a bit like a blowfish in the mornings.

Despite the fact that I’m a little annoyed by the ridiculous amount of words this product uses to sell itself, and the ridiculous name (I suppose that typical Soap and Glory for you), I am quite impressed with this product. It only comes in a little pot, and so the price tag (£12.50) can be a little off putting, but a little really does go a long way. I’ve had it since Christmas, used it morning and night every day and you can still barely tell that I’ve touched it. It has an old gel like consistency, feels a little bit like jelly and is really easy to apply. It blends in well and doesn’t mess with my make up in any way once I get round to applying that.

In terms of effects, I am not so impressed with the dark circles reduction. Maybe mine are just so pronounced there’s no hope for me. I would say if you were going to buy this product purely for that, then I wouldn’t bother. But my puffy eyes were my biggest problem, especially after a late night and a lack of sleep. And this product is really great for that. There’s a definitely noticeable reduction in puffy eyes, I look less like a blowfish and more human in the mornings. And not only that, but the cooling effect the gel has is pretty wonderful in itself. It’s great for tired and dry eyes and makes me feel a lot brighter.

Would I buy it again? Probably, but I’ll definitely go searching for something that helps my dark circles before I go rushing off down to Boots again.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

wednesday wishlist.

wednesday wishlist

from left to right:


I move house on Saturday and I'm incredibly excited. I've more or less hated where I live at the moment and after a year of hating it, I'm so ready for a new change. I'll miss the location of Pimlico and I'll miss the regency architecture - but that's about it. Clapham here I come! So it's safe to say for this week's wishlist, I've gone a little over the top on the home-ware, even though my new place is tiny and I doubt very much I'll be able to fit anything like this much stuff in it. But one can dream, eh? I'd really love to get the Birmingham print though, so I can be reminded of home back in my tiny little London flat. The kitchen scales are also going to be top of the list to actually buy and not dream of, because I can't wait to get my bake on in a kitchen that isn't gross like my current place!