wednesday wishlist

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wednesday wishlist

From left to right:


So I'm a scruffbag. My boyfriend is constantly scrubbing off make up marks and crumbs from my clothes, like an typical Jewish mother. I don't know when the realisation of this hit me, but it has. I walk around work and I notice lots of pretty girls around - I look like Primark fell on my head and then I got dragged through a bush backwards, but they all look like they got placed in Warehouse, Zara or posh places I can't afford to shop and then placed into the hairdressers for a blow dry. This weeks wishlist is kinda dedicated to my cause of needing to smarten up and grow up. Apart from the dungarees. I just really want them. 

a little trip to jersey

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After a hectic election year, I took my first days off of 2015 and headed off to Jersey. I wasn't going to go anywhere this year; a lack of holiday time and a lack of funds meant most holiday destinations were out of the question, but with a little bit of squeezing around, me and my lovely man jetted off to the Channel Islands. 

I haven't been to Jersey for over a decade so I was quite looking forward to getting back there if I'm honest and desperately in need of a break. Even though I had to get up at 3.30am for my Gatwick flight, I had one of the loveliest little mini breaks of my life. 

From sitting in a jacuzzi for a little while, a visit to Mont Orgueil Castle, lying on Gorey beach with a picnic (complete with a classy can of gin), falling asleep and getting a little bit sunburnt, getting an ice cream complete with a flake, heading into St Brelades to throw myself into a freezing sea and ending up with curly salty hair twice as wide as my body, drinks and cocktails, dinner at Oyster Box overlooking the bay and possibly the best steak I've ever eaten, a balcony with a sea view - if I stood on my tip toes, a full English to start, a rainy walk into St Helier, a hot chocolate overlooking St Brelades and a blue ice cream which melted all over me and made me look like a three year old.

I've had the most wonderful time, ended up looking like a lobster and not even my flight home being delayed by five hours was enough to ruin this trip. 

five things i'd wish i'd known in my first job.

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If only my desk had been this fancy...

Today, I finished my first ‘big persons’ job. I’ve had it for a year and a bit, and it’s had its ups and its downs. I’m excited to be moving on to different things, and hopefully to be taking on a little more responsibility in my next role, but I thought I’d reflect on a few things I wish I’d known when I first started last March. 

ONE: Get some guts.

When I had my goodbye meeting with my boss’s boss just before I left, he said I couldn’t have done anything more in my role other than speak up. Whilst it was amazing to know that was the only criticism, I kicked myself because it’d been something I’d been internally telling myself to do for months, but hadn’t managed it. I used to leave meetings thinking “why didn’t I say that? I knew the answer to that question”. I think this is something women generally struggle with which contributes towards gender inequality in the workplace and it’s definitely something I’m going to be working on. 

TWO: Get more experience. 

I’ve had some amazing opportunities in this job – fighting an election campaign and coming into contact with some of my favourite politicians (both past and present), and working with people that I’ve admired for a long time has been incredible. But there were still chances I should have taken when I had them, moments that passed where I found myself thinking ‘yeah I could have done that, I should have done that, I should have fought for that more’. This goes for networking too, I should have been thinking about those bloody LinkedIn connections more throughout the year. 

THREE: Work is still like school.

It really is. Girly cliques still exist, you can still find yourself with no one to have lunch with and people bitch like there’s no tomorrow. By the time I finished University I thought I was done with all of that, especially as it’s something that I didn’t really come across when I was doing my Masters, but it turns out this still happens. It sounds so stupid but I wish I’d been more prepared for that and not let it bother me. 

FOUR: I’m more capable than I think I am.

It sounds so big headed, but when I left and had all my leaving meetings with various managers it turns out they thought a lot more of the job I was doing than I was. I can do this, and I should sell myself more. It turns out imposter syndrome is a real thing.

FIVE: Do my own thing more. 

Because of the way my job works, it requires a routine. And that’s fine, and I’d never do anything to disrupt that. But we all have a way of working which makes us more productive and better off, and I wish I’d stuck to that. Yeah, I’m a little messy and no I don’t fancy getting breakfast because that’s how I roll and I should have let myself not get caught up in such rigidity. I can improve on processes in my own way and shouldn’t be afraid to do so. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to learn from my mistakes for my next job. Bring on Monday!

wednesday wishlist.

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wednesday wishlist.

From left to right:


First things first, lets ignore my blog layout and my disappearance over the last few months. I again am apologising for not blogging, but I'm not really sorry as I was incredibly busy and life always comes before this blog. It may be known that I work in politics, and people living in this country might be aware of an event earlier this month which led to me working 90 hour weeks and sleeping for the rest of my time. Anywayyy...

I start a new job on Monday and while that's quite exciting it's also made me re-evaluate my wardrobe and realise I hate everything I wear to work. I also put my shoes on this morning after a four day extended bank holiday and they don't fit any more so I can only walk four steps without them falling off. Is there any better than pay day on a Friday and a new job on Monday to buy some new work clothes? I very much doubt it. 

going back to staffordshire.


Just after my birthday I headed back up to the Midlands (god I miss the Midlands) to see my parents (and ahem, to get my presents). I've recently slipped a disc in my back (for the second time in my life, because I am that old now), which means I basically need to keep moving otherwise I seize up. So, on the day I spent with my Mum, we headed only about a ten minute drive away for a little walk around some villages in Staffordshire. I got in some country air (haha), and we both had a wonder along the canals. I love canals, I don't know why I love them so much, but maybe its partly because I grew up around them in Birmingham and also because they remind me of living in Holland and some of the better memories I have from there. We also had a look into a few farm shops, I went a bit over the top on the chutney buying but I genuinely can never help myself when it comes to chutney. We stopped in the end for a pint by the canal side, but only because we were too late for tea and cake. Next time, maybe.