14 October 2016

rose infused chocolate truffles | a recipe

rose chocolate truffles london lifestyle blog

rose chocolate truffles london lifestyle blog

rose chocolate truffles london lifestyle blog

I'm really behind on Bakealong. Really, really behind. And I doubt I'll ever catch up. I tried to make a Bakewell Tart, and I found the whole process to be relatively soul destroying. I made the worst Bakewell Tart that has ever existed. I couldn't even post the recipe and pretend it tasted nice because the photos were okay (lets not pretend that's never happened...), because it didn't even look nice. I somehow managed to burn the pastry, under-cook the frangipane and also accidentally left cherry stones in the jam. My boyfriend valiantly tried the disaster, but after nearly choking he decided to chuck it in the bin. For the best...

Then it was "botanical week" and if I'm honest I was so bloody underwhelmed! I thought of all the flavours and the edible flowers and herbs and whatever else that could be used, and instead it was basically a lemon meringue pie and a cake with flowers on. Hmph. 

So I didn't wan't to make anything from that. Instead, that week I made rose truffles. I'd been messing about on the internet and found a wonderful company called Sous Chef who happened to be selling rose petals and I picked some up. Their website also had this recipe, so I had to try it! How pretty are they?! 

The recipe only calls for sugar, but I'd also bought some rose sugar, so had to use that and double up on the rosey taste. I found that the recipe made the truffles a little soft, so in future I'd be adding a little less cream. And for once, I have made something that was an honest success. If you're looking to make something easy, quick, tasty and ridiculously pretty, then this is definitely the recipe for you.

On a side note, I was so impressed with Sous Chef. They're such a great price and delivery was super quick. If you need random little baking bits, they're worth a look. 

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