16 February 2016

one good thing a day.

A post written on my old blog, brought back for memories.

This was an idea I saw floating around this time last year. Every day, you write down one good thing that's happened to you that day and keep it all in a jar (I kept mine in my Jew cookies jar!), so that you can look back on it all. I didn't manage the whole year, I managed up until the 6th July, which coincidently was the day I left the Netherlands. I fell into a bit of a funk about leaving Leiden, which is probably why I stopped doing it. I wish I hadn't. Looking back over these little slips of paper has actually been wonderful. I haven't smiled so much in a long time. 

Some were a bit sad - things like leaving the house, or having a nice dinner, or not burning my toast that morning. But I suppose it helps you to look at all the little things. I left the 21st June completely blank, I honestly couldn't think of a single thing that was good that day. But its there as a reminder that I'll never let things get that bad again, and that on the 22nd June, I was able to think of something, so that it all gets better. 

I picked out a couple (lot) of highlights. Props if you read them all. I don't expect you to. I don't think I would.

15/01: Getting hot chocolate on the beach with Patrick and Karel, and them helping me to move house.
19/01: Playing darts and snooker at the Hogewoerd with Karel, Patrick and Yoran.
21/01: Winning the pub quiz, and getting a pint of Bok as a prize.
24/01: Walking on frozen canals with Karel.
27/01: Karel came over and brought breakfast (apple juice and croissants). 
28/01: Went for tea at Patrick's. Watched the Dutch Queen's abdication with everyone. Couldn't understand a word.
30/01: Went to Dylan's at 1.30am, drank wine in his kitchen. Told me he used to get paid $20 to spit on a man in NYC. 
13/02: Ed gave me five creme eggs.
21/02: Having the sense to leave Karel's "destory the house" party before the police came.
28/02: Being asked out for a drink by a bloke. 
01/03: Tom arrived for his visit!
04/03: Birthday! Had cake with Tom, dinner at Yorans with everyone, battered Mars bars. Andy gave us Cognac. 
05/03: Went out for said drink with Thomas. 
10/03: Grandad's 89th Birthday - always thankful.
14/03: Hanging out with Thomas, drinking lots of beer and watching football. 
15/04: Realising I was just being a bit of a twat.
16/04: Going back to the UK and having a full English. Mum looked happy to see me.
22/04: Cycling to the beach with quite literally hundreds of people.
25/04: Beers with Thomas on a jetty. He told me all about the stars and their stories. 
27/04: Visit to Amsterdam and new M&S there. Thomas' party was fine - I'd been really worried about this.
29/04: Queens Night with Patrick and some of his friends from America. They asked me about living in London - cliché.
30/04: Queens Day in Leiden. Watching the Coronation of King Willem Alexander, drinking and wearing orange.
06/05: Being bought breakfast, and having it in bed.
07/05: Really good sex.
11/05: Long conversation with William (my brother) on Skype. Rare.
14/05: HEMA breakfast. Pot brownies. Aston Villa saved from relegation. 
19/05: Went to the Keukenhof and saw all the flowers.
20/05: Drinks with Patrick, Karel and Yoran. P&Y danced on the table with frat girls at De Kroeg. 
01/06: Waking up at Thomas'. Chatting for two hours on a mattress on the floor. 
06/06: Tom staying on Skype to help me with my thesis.
10/06: Handing in my thesis. 
16/06: BBQ at the Swamp. It was freezing.
18/06: Day at the beach. Bonfire with Patrick and Yoran, drinking beer.
25/06: Thesis result received. Relieved and happy. 
02/07: Dinner with Yoran. He gave me a going away present (pictures he'd had printed of my time in Leiden). 
05/07: Got last ice cream with Yoran. Last night in Leiden. Felt loved and special all day. Spent night with Thomas. Got drunk and soppy. Cried about leaving Leiden whilst watching Storage Hunters and Dutch adverts for psychics at 4am on Thomas' sofa. 

And this special entry, which Karel drew for me. We got bored one night, ended up going for a walk and he drew a penis on the snow on top of an iced over canal. We stood there admiring it, when an American couple walked over and spent a good ten minutes discussing it. We couldn't stop laughing. Then we went back to mine and had crap noodles. 

I'm sat here now with tears in my eyes because this has reminded me of so many good times. It was an exercise that was worth doing, I only wish I'd completed it. If you'd seen it and thought about doing it, definitely go for it! 



  1. Great idea! Great post :-) x


  2. Oh my gosh this was so lovely to read :') and yes I read every single one! Nearly shed a manly tear this is amazing! :') the best is 07/05 - really good sex. props to you posting it! My family read mine so I might have to edit it if I do a post like this :P really want to do it, hope you'll be doing it again :) xxx

    1. it's always seemed odd to me that so many bloggers are shocked by the notion of sex being a thing! i think my family might read mine, but that'll end up being their problem haha! thank you, and do it! x

  3. This is such a good idea! I think I'm going to give it a go for 2014, great way to remember all the day to day little stuff :)
    Saadiya x

    1. definitely give it a go! it really was! good luck and thank you! x

  4. This is such a good idea. I may just give it a go myself!

  5. I did this too and gave up around the same time you did, I can't wait to look back on mine :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  6. I promised to do this last year...and failed. Have already begun doing it this year as I saw this post and it just seems like such a good idea! I can often be a negative person, so will be brilliant to look back over the year with fond memories! Happy new year Annie :) xxx

    1. happy new year! good luck doing it, it was definitely worth while so i hope you manage to keep going with it this year! x

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