17 March 2016

introducing barry and brian.

Brian and Barry. My Mum, an out and proud cat lady, couldn't stand not having a cat in the house after losing Sarah and so Brian and Barry were quickly adopted. Mum felt guilty, but with a house completely set up for cats she was soon won over. Brian and Barry are small, mischievous, totally identical, have already had to be rescued from the garage roof and seem to have brought out the soft side of my 'mans man ex RAF' stepdad who now spends his time worrying that they might get hurt and checking to make sure they've eaten enough each day. It's a good job for my Mum that I'm not cruel enough to see a cat live in my flat, otherwise I would have stolen them a long time ago. 

16 March 2016

my 25th birthday.

My birthday came around recently and I had a very wonderful day, spending it surrounded by the people I love, mountains of cake and sandwiches, tea which tasted liked strawberries and cream, cocktails and tulips. Which is just about how I'd prefer to spend any day of my life. I'm pretty sure I started the day drunk in McDonalds on Whitehall, and ended it drunk watching Eastenders. Classy bird. 
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