20 February 2016

saying goodbye to sarah.

My favourite girl passed away a few weeks ago. As the healthiest cat I've ever known with zero trips to the vets since she was still barely months old and I was twelve, the discovery of stomach cancer was a shock to my family and absolutely devastating to my Mum. After the final diagnosis, her condition went rapidly down hill. I missed saying goodbye by two hours, after a frantic drive back home. I'll always regret not saying goodbye, having one last hug but it was better than her being in pain for any longer.

She was a contradiction of an animal. Hated attention but never wanted to be alone. Would never allow herself to be picked up but would maybe possibly tolerate it for a few minutes if you let her look out the window. Hated going outside but loved chasing birds. Grumpy and aloof but completely loveable.

Isn't it funny how something so small can leave such a big hole in your life and the family home? My Mum even missed having to tip toe down the hall in case she kicked the cat. So Sarah, you'll always be missed but you'll always hold a massive part of our memories and love.
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