18 November 2016

10 things you'll recognise if you're on a job hunt

When I first started working in Parliament and I went on a tour of the Palace of Westminster, I was told that if I didn't look at everything like it was one of the most special buildings in the world, then it was probably time for me to leave. And even though I thought that it would never be possible, because lets face it, the building is incredible, I can now walk past central lobby without giving it much of a second thought. When we have work experience guys in our office, or interns who tell me how much they'd love to work here and I don't feel the same excitement, I just feel guilty. So, I think, my time has come. The job hunt has begun. 

I'd be lying if I said I was taking it really seriously - I'm sticking it out until I can find a job I really want to move to. Having made a job move mistake once in my life, I'm pretty determined not do it again. I'm in no desperate need to move, and I'm not unemployed. There are still pockets of enjoyment to be found in this job, just not as many as there once were. My hands are itching for a new change, for something challenging. It's not just interview speak, I really mean it. Eeek

Here are a few observations on the job hunt so far:

Updating a CV is pretty miserable. From now on, I'll be updating it throughout the year, instead of desperately trying to remember all the "skill improving" things I've been up to. 

Writing a cover letter is even worse, and completely goes against my natural tendency to chat shit about myself even though I don't really mean it. 

I have to constantly remind myself that nothing can be as bad as the time I was unemployed after University. There are very few jobs which is worse than being unemployed for 8+ months. 

My LinkedIn is now being viewed by some of the most random recruiters I have ever seen, which only leads me to think they fell down an internet black hole when they landed on my profile. 

Even worse, I now have to log in to LinkedIn every day and see those bloody awful motivational posts, and wonder why someone who works down the corridor to me and does the exact same job as me describes himself as a "political thinker" in his job title. No mate

This extra LinkedIn searching has found me turning a bit green eyed. That girl that once volunteered in my team and came in hungover every day has got that amazing job? Sweet Lord tell me how. 

A non-existent interview is a good excuse to spend a lot of time flicking through ASOS in an attempt to find that perfect interview dress. Gotta look up to it right? 

I have become obsessed with refreshing job advertising websites. Obsessed. Even though I now know when they update and can pretty much guarantee I won't even look twice at the 90% of job adverts

I have re-considered putting my law degree to use. Even though I can't afford to go back to University to do my LPC and even though the three years of law at Uni made me never ever want to study it ever again, I still think what if?

I have genuinely worried about the sanity of some employers. You're advertising an "amazing" position for £16K in London for someone with experience? Hmm...

Anyone else?!


  1. That last point though... So true! It's ridiculous how it's even okay to do that - how do the employers not feel even slightly guilty and horrible about that? Especially in London where it's almost impossible to try to rent anything with that amount of money. Makes me so angry!

    Good luck with your job search! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. This is a very late comment to a older post, but I completely agree with this entire post! I am in the process of job hunting as I am in my current job (which is really not ideal on so many levels), but job hunting sucks. So. Much.

    But that last one is so accurate, wait you are advertising for an entry level role with 5 years of experience? How is that entry level?!

    nat // dignifiable


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