20 January 2017

new year, new workwear | a wishlist.

workwear for women

I don't know about you, but I find dressing for work quite difficult. I've never been good at being adventurous with clothing choices and if I don't watch out, I can find myself stuck in a bit of a rut quite easily. I'm the girl who, when it came to deciding which Sixth Form to go to, put the fact that one of the choices had a uniform on my pros list. I reckon most people would have put it in the cons!

As a result, I've developed a work uniform. I hate thinking about what to wear each morning, I'd rather have an extra ten minutes in bed rather than stood in front of my wardrobe putting together an outfit. So my work clothes are all quite simple. My go to is usually a dress - after all, you wake up, shove it on and go. Everything tends to be black so I can fit in with the other Londoners on the tube (jokes) and well, I am just all about that life. It's not the only rule I stick with for work - I like dresses with sleeves, nothing too short and nothing that would be horrendously uncomfortable. 

Having said that, it doesn't mean I like to look boring when I'm at work. At least twice a week, I find myself going out or going to a work event straight from my desk and so I do have to find outfits that will work for being in the office and for popping out and looking alright for a work event or drinks with friends. That can be what makes office wear, especially for women, a little bit tricky.

I don't think there's a better time than the new year to pick up some new pieces for work. I think after the Christmas holidays it's a bit like when you went back to school and you had your new uniform for the year. It helps to start the year afresh. Plus the Christmas sales are on and you can pick up some pretty good bargains. I bought the Lost Ink dress featured above for half the price and I'm pretty chuffed with myself, I won't lie.

I love this bib from River Island. It means you can easily spruce up a comfy jumper, like this grey one from H&M. On that note, I'm also completely unable to leave a peter pan collar dress untouched and this one by Lost Ink is pretty perfect if you ask me!

I tend to use leather skirts as a staple - I know that some people hate them but I'm completely on the other end of the scale and I adore them. They're so easy to wear, match with anything you decide to whack on top and are easy to wear both at work and out. The leather dress by Oasis is awesome too - easy to wear with both flats and heels, and good for making a statement without being over the top.

I own the black cotton smock dress from New Look - it was the first smock I'd ever had the courage to buy and wear and I am so glad I did. It looked cracking with a pair of boots to stomp about in and it was one of the most comfortable dresses I'd worn at work in a long time. What is it about needing to be comfortable even though you're only sat at a desk all day? 

I can only wear flats when I'm at work. I've just never been one of those women who could wear heels, even after five minutes of heel wearing I'm desperate to take them off and burn them. I keep a spare pair under my desk for emergencies, but if I want to get anywhere quickly I have to stick to flats. I love pointed shoes, I really hope they never go out of fashion and now one of my personal policies in life is to pretty much only ever wear pointed shoes. I love the three in this wishlist, they all add something a little extra with their use of studs. I may or may not have already had a wild moment and bought the ASOS studded flats.

How about you? Do you like picking up new office wear in the new year? Do let me know what you've picked out!

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