17 March 2017

golden cheesecake truffles | a recipe

 mini golden cheesecake truffles

I've mentioned before that I've got into the habit of baking most weekends. I find it an extremely therapeutic activity most of the time. Unless I make macarons or attempt something which is known to be difficult, in which case, it's the complete opposite and I get narky and throw things straight into the bin. But that's one of those things and for the most part, it's something I enjoy doing. However, sometimes I just can't be bothered to properly bake but I still want to make something. My oven is notoriously temperamental, so overused from all the years of being inside a little rented flat that the numbers have worn off and I know that it just won't be the day to make something which requires anything more than a microwave. And that's where these cheesecake truffles come in. They're simple, easy to make, don't require an oven and are still extremely pretty to look at and hand out at work. Plus there are only three ingriedients. 

mini golden cheesecake truffles

One of the brilliant things about these truffles is that there are so many ways to make them your own. You can change the kind of biscuit you use for a completely different flavour altogether. I used chocolate biscuits for these, but you could easily use Oreos, Biscoff, Rich Tea - if you can bash it down to crumbs then you can use it. You can use different kinds of chocolate for the covering - I used dark chocolate here but it could easily be white or any of the fantastic flavours that Lindt do (apart from that horrid blueberry version they do, which I'm convinced is the devil's food). Go mad with decorations. I'm obsessed with gold lustre spray and this Waitrose Bronze Crunch, which I've used for nearly everything I've made in the past few weeks and won't apologise for. Look how pretty it is!

Give them a go and let me know how easy they were.

Anne x

mini golden cheesecake truffles


  • 150g chocolate fingers
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 75g cream cheese (full fat works best)
  • gold lustre spray
  • bronze crunch


  • Put 150g of biscuits into a food processor and turn into crumbs
  • If you don't have a processor, put into a sandwich bag and bash with a rolling pin until they're crumbs
  • It's usually a good idea to double bag the sandwich bag to make sure the crumbs don't explode everywhere
  • Put the crumbs into a bowl and add the cream cheese
  • Get your hands in and combine the two ingredients together 
  • Once they're mixed together, roll little sections into balls
  • Chill the balls in the fridge for an hour
  • Once chilled, melt the chocolate in a bowl
  • Using a fork, dip the balls into the chocolate, making sure they're covered
  • You can decorate how you wish but...
  • To cover in sprinkles, pour the sprinkles onto a plate and using the fork, roll the balls around in the sprinkles
  • To cover in gold lustre, wait until the chocolate has set and then spray


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