21 April 2017

a spring wishlist for people who hate wearing colour.

spring wishlist

embroidered dress / sunglasses / tie waist dress / midi skirt / clutch // midi dress // swimming costume / white smock dress / gingham smock dress 

* For when you're still just a little bit goffic. 

One of the main things that makes people around me hate me is that I don't like the summer. I wish I did like the summer, I quite like the warmth and no rain and sitting in pub beer gardens and all of those other things that come with summer but I hate having to dress for summer. 

The thing is, I like everything to do with winter clothes. Jumpers, scarves, long sleeves, black and grey and anything dark. I don't like the extra maintenance that comes with summer: feeling like you have to shave you legs more (which, if you have PCOS like me, you will know becomes an almost daily task), the fake/real tanning, the make up marks that your sunglasses leave, the sweat and the humidity attacking my hair and making me look like something out of the Adams family. 

And that makes shopping for the summer and the spring and all the transitional periods in between next to bloody impossible for me. Every time I wake up and see the sun it actually put me in a bad mood because I can never work out what to wear.

And so, I turn to online shopping. And I hit it hard. 

This year, I'm determined to try and stick to the style I like while adjusting to the warmer weather. I mean, I literally went on the Warehouse website "new in" section the other day and nearly had to double take at the amount of florals there were (groundbreaking....). I'm gonna stick with black, white and grey - because it's me and it makes me happy.

I'm so happy that New Look have introduced this smock dress in white - I own the black version and it's one of my most worn items at the moment - even if it does have absolutely infuriating buttons at the back that I just can't do on my own, resulting in a dangerous situation of wearing it undone to work and hidden until I can get a colleague to do it up for me. It's 100% not a dress for single people, or people who live alone.

I'm seriously getting behind the gingham that's everywhere this Spring too - it's something I always forget I love until it comes back into trend again and then I fall for it all over again. I already own that Primark smock, and I'm feeling these pieces to add to the collection too. New Look are on it with both the midi smock and the short sleeved smock.

I can't afford the Whistles pieces on this list, but eh, it's a wishlist so I can add them if I want too. I have adored (dreamt about/lusted over) the Whistles bag for months, possibly years, it even sat in my Asos saved items for almost five months but I could never just spend the money on it. It's the kind of thing I reckon I'd spend my bonus money on, if I ever got a job outside of the public sector where I was entitled to a bonus. Same goes for the sunglasses - I'm notoriously clumsy and I know I'd smash them/leave them on the tube, so if anyone knows any of a similar shape, please hit me up.

What are you after at the moment?

Annie x

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