13 May 2017

i want my little blog back.

I keep losing my way when it comes to this blog - and I think I've worked out why. It's just not personal to me anymore, and I desperately want to reclaim it. 

I can't remember when I started this little part of the internet, but I do remember sitting in my halls of residence back in 2009 updating it every day. Of course, blogging was a little different then - there were no flatlays, photo editing, keywords and SEO. I just whacked whatever I felt like up, whenever I felt like. 

I know I'm not the only person who feels like this. I've seen a lot of blog posts recently about it all, but one of the main ones that has stuck in my head is Elizabeth at Rosalilium who wrote her post on "7 Things I Miss About The Good Ol’ Days Of Blogging". The days of any old photo and comments and no pressure to make it big, to make contacts with PR companies and whatever else. 

Now I've been blogging for a long long time, spent a hell of a lot of my life on the internet but I think it's safe to say I'm never going to be a massive blogger. So why do I get stuck on checking the stats? Why do I keep comparing myself to others? Why don't I let myself just enjoy it more?

So...a little pledge to myself. I'm going to reclaim this little part of the internet. I'm going to bring it back to the things I like, the things I enjoy. It'll be more about travel, little bits of London and the UK, but also a little bit more about me. I want to be able to look back each post and remember what I did. If others read it and enjoy it, then that'll be pretty great too.

Annie x
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