26 April 2016

a little visit to bath | england.


My latest visit to Bath resulted in me getting absolutely drenched. You know the kind of drenched when you just know there's a massive puddle in your shoes and you just give up with an umbrella because it's not doing anything and there is just no point. On reflection though, this is still better than the last visit to Bath I had where as a fifteen year old I decided not to eat for the day, got over excited and collapsed at the train station.

I really love Bath, but I think that's because I'm a bit of a geek and I love anywhere that has good planning laws (no, seriously). Bath demolished their horrible looking sixties shopping centre and at least attempted to re-build something which is more in-keeping with the original buildings and I just wish other towns and cities would follow suit...In the end, we couldn't stay in Bath for too long and our visit to the Royal Crescent had to be done in the car because it was lashing it down. If I had any tip for Bath, it would be to go when it's dry. 

See: Usual suspects for Bath include the Royal Crescent (Royal Crescent, BA1 2LS) for the incredible Georgian architecture, but my favourite street had to be The Circus (BA1 2ET) which is just down the road from the Royal Crescent. Other standard favourites from Bath include Pulteney Bridge & Pulteney Weir, the Roman Baths, and Bath Abbey. 

Drink: Colonna and Hunter (14-15 Milsom Place, BA1 1BZ). Even though it is a little bit hipstery, it has a changing menu and a seasonal craft beer selection. 

Buy: Anything from Fudge Kitchen (10 Abbey St, BA1 1LY). Growing up in a relatively touristy area has resulted in an over the top love of fudge and places that make it themselves and so Fudge Kitchen is a good'un. Lemon Drizzle flavour? Thanks. They also apparently offer a small discount for school children, unfortunately I can't even attempt to try and get away with this. 
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