17 February 2017

a guide to brick lane market.

brick lane market

brick lane market

One of the wonderful things about living in London is the sheer amount of things you can get up to each weekend - those wonderful days tacked on to the end of the week when you don't have to start your day squashed into a fellow commuter on the tube. I've really enjoyed visiting the different markets London has to offer (there are quite a few to be fair). If you want to get a real feel for an area then all you have to do is visit its market. The difference between Notting Hill's Portobello Road market and the East's Brick Lane market are stark, but so are the areas they're both placed in. I've not been to a market that's been even remotely similar to the last one in London. Have a look at my posts on Maltby Street and Columbia Road, you'll get what I mean.

brick lane market street art

brick lane market coffee

It was the turn of Brick Lane Market recently. I've been before but not for years. When I first moved to London from Holland, it was one of the only places that sold proper Dutch food, which I missed quite badly at the time. I don't know where that stall has gone, but if anyone knows where I can get satay sauced chips and krokets now, then please let me know. Those bad boys used to make my Sundays.

brick lane market elys yard

Food is one of the big draws of the Sunday market - you can find anything you fancy along the streets. I personally go for beef and salad, it's some of the best beef known to man but I can never remember the name of the stall. But if you want German sausages, Chinese or Indonesian noodles, ribs or a substantial amount of cheese - you'll find it along these streets. Head to the back of Brick Lane market to Elys Yard and you'll find more food selections - from pizza to American food trucks, filled with deep fried mac n cheese balls. Yum. 

But there's more to food on the Sunday market. Head inside the Brick Lane Tea Rooms market for unusual crockery and taxidermy. Obvs. Find the Sunday Upmarket and Backyard Market at the Old Truman Brewery, which is a wonderful building all by itself, where you’ll find a brilliant collection of vintage fashion, jewellery, art and bric-a-brac.

brick lane market shops

brick lane market shops

Brick Lane is full of interesting shops which you can visit even if it's not market day, which is held on a Sunday. If you want to go during the week, there are still plenty of shops to explore and things to buy. I love Brick Lane Bookshop - their 2016 bestsellers list says a lot about the area compared to your local Waterstones (We Should All Be Feminists, Milk & Honey and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child all made it).  If you're after some vintage shopping, don't forget Hunky Dory Vintage or Rokit - the latter of which is massive.

brick lane market cereal killer

brick lane market bagels

Brick Lane is, of course, most famous for its curry houses, which are everywhere along the street. But it's not just curry houses which serve food all week long. Beigel Bake, a throwback from when the area was predominantly Jewish serve some of the best salt beef bagels in England and keep up with the trends by serving rainbow bagels (as seen on last year's Apprentice shopping task!) Something I've not got around to trying yet is the Cereal Killer cafe. Yes, it'll be the most expensive cereal you'll ever have in your life, and yes, it's ridiculously hipster but I can't help but admire someone who decided that a cafe devoted purely to cereal was a good idea. Oh, and Crosstown doughnuts too, who have a sourdough doughnut and are some of the most Instagram-friendly doughnuts you'll come across - seriously, have you seen their Chai Tea offering?

brick lane market shops

brick lane market street art

Never forget to keep an eye out for all the wonderful street art you'll pass along the way. The photo above "Mistress May whip you into shape" is one of my favourite posters, just as Jeremy Corbyn dabbing a few streets away is. You'll find it hard to ever put your phone away from all the snapping you'll want to do.

Brick Lane Market is open on Sundays between 10am-5pm, but of course, most of the stores are open all week. You can get there by getting the tube to Aldgate East (8-minute walk) or Liverpool Street (10-minute walk), or get the overground to Shoreditch High Street (5-minute walk).

So let me know if you've been to Brick Lane market, or if I've missed anything, as usual, down below!

Annie x

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  1. Ah, your pictures are giving me the travel bug! I miss London so much. One of my favorite things about London is that the city could surprise you everyday though you've been living there for 10 years! x


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