24 February 2017

6 things i want to do in prague.

6 things i want to do in prague.

The only thing I'm going to take away from booking this trip to Prague is that I shouldn't be allowed on the internet anymore. More specifically, I shouldn't be allowed on travel websites that have pretty good deals to go to countries that I've always wanted to go to. I think having a world scratch map doesn't help. All I can see every day are these big gaps of countries that need little spaces scratched off and I spend too much time thinking about how I'm going to do that. Poland is driving me nuts, it's so big and needs to be cleared off, Switzerland is even worse, stuck in the middle of other countries I've been to like the odd one out. At least I'll be able to deal with the little problem that is the Czech Republic soon!  

I've finally learnt that doing a teeny bit of research on a country before you go is never a bad idea and it worked out quite well for Berlin. So in the similar vein, I'm whacking out a post of things I want to do.

Visit Old Town Square. It's a typical one of course, but most cities will centre around a square and they always tend to be worth seeing. It's impossible to not see a picture of Prague without seeing something that belongs in the Old Town Square which looks absolutely gorgeous (seriously, have you seen pictures of the place) and of course, I'm probably going to join the big crowds of people waiting for the famous Astronomical Clock - especially as it closes for renovation soon. 

Walk along the Charles Bridge. Possibly at night, when you can see the castle all lit up. It's one of the most famous bridges in central Europe and I'm looking forward to doing some people watching on it.

See the old Jewish Quarter. Apparently, despite Nazi occupation, the Jewish Quarter has survived remarkably well and has great examples of synagogues and a "remarkable" Old Jewish Cemetery. Chillingly, the Quarter survived because Aldof Hitler wanted to preserve the area as a "Museum of an Extinct Race". The Spanish Synagogue is meant to be one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe. 

Drink a Pilsner. I didn't know that a Pilsner was named as such because it came from the town of Plzeƈ in the Czech Republic, and well, I don't think I ever need an excuse to drink a beer and so why not try a local one? Apparently, Absinthe is also big in Prague despite it not being Czech, but I'm not sure if I've ever been brave enough to go wild on that one... 

See the John Lennon wall. Graffiti started appearing on this wall in the 1980s as a protest against the communist regime. The communist police repeatedly tried to whitewash it, but they never managed to keep it clean as people kept painting messages peace. It's now known as the John Lennon Wall and even Yoko Ono has been for a visit.

Take a stroll along the Golden Lane. Located within the grounds of the castle, it's a street which used to belong to castle soldiers and craftsmen from the 16th century. The rumour is that alchemists had to look on this street to find a reaction to turn ordinary materials into gold, hence the name.

As always, I'm after tips on how to have the best time (especially if you have any food tips...), so please let me know down below!

Annie x

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  1. We went to Prague last Spring, it was really lovely! I've got a post on my favourite foodie spots in Prague if you want to take a look! http://www.katiesblondeambition.com/2016/06/where-to-eat-in-prague.html have a great time!

    Katie x


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