19 June 2016

lifestyle | a little trip to brighton | england.

My visit to Brighton was brief but very much needed. It was one of those days where the weather changed at every moment - at one point it was sunbathing weather, the next it was so windy a quiet pub away from the sea front was sought. I didn't quite understand the hype around Brighton and honestly I still don't. It doesn't go down in my books as one of my favourite seaside destinations but it's still perfectly nice and being so close to London makes it completely worth a visit. 


See: Brighton Beach, The Lanes and Palace Pier - even impressed at their choice of football team rock. Srsly. Also worth a look is the burned down wreck of the other pier. 

Drink: The Seven Stars (27 Ship Street, BN1 1AD). A seriously impressive gin selection. 

Eat: Hells Kitchen (4 Gardner Street, BN1 1UP). I'm a fan of mostly anything that calls itself a deli - especially their Deadly Deb and Chairman Mao offering.

Should I give Brighton another chance?
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