27 June 2016

a little visit to pigalle | paris.

Maybe it's an overhang of spending so much time in Amsterdam's Red Light District, that I now have to explore other cities Red Light Districts. My overriding memory of the last time I was in Paris was my Dad telling me that, no, I couldn't get the metro back to the hotel on my own from Pigalle (rightly so, I was eleven) and me completely missing the point as to why. That, and my eight year old brother getting stuck in the toilet of a cafe and the waiters having to break him out. Does it compare to De Wallen? No, but equally, would a visit to Paris be complete without seeing the Moulin Rouge lit up at night? Probably not. 

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  1. So beautiful, what lovely photos. The Moulin Rouge is such a magical building just to see!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog


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