13 June 2016

12 things you should never do in a hotel room.

*As told by a former chamber maid...

001: Lie in bed and throw biscuits at the wall
002: Lie in bed, throw biscuits at the wall and then stomp them into the carpet with your feet.
003: Leave Babestation as the last TV Channel you were watching. 
004: Put a condom wrapper in the bin without the used condom resulting in a major room search for said condom. 
005: Stick a used condom to the glass shower curtain. 
006: Sit on the floor of your living room suite, eat Cadburys Roses, surround yourself with wrappers and then cum in a glass by the wrappers.
007: Cum in a glass that doesn't belong to you.
008: Leave a used tampon on top of the bin lid. 
009: Hang a used condom from the light fitting.
010: Leave a bugger load of cocaine in a drawer. 
011: Poo on the toilet seat and leave it.
012: Leave dirty nappies on the carpet. 
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