19 September 2016

chocolate and fudge baked doughnuts | a recipe

baked doughnuts recipe

baked doughnuts recipe

baked doughnuts recipe

I've wanted to make doughnuts for quite some time but have always been put off by the fact that they require deep frying. I don't own a deep fat fryer, and haven't had access to one since I lived in Holland and they were everywhere. I'm also not the kind of person to be trusted near a massive saucepan of oil, I think my neighbours would never forgive me if I tried and burned down the block. I didn't realise you could bake doughnuts until I stumbled across a recipe for one, and as I didn't fancy taking part in this week's bakealong because I'm not a fan of making bread, this seemed like a relatively good alternative. The next best thing about this recipe is that you can make them without a doughnut pan too - you don't need any specialist equipment at all. It's all really easy.

They can be a little unnerving when they come out of the oven because they look like bread rolls and I was really quite worried that they would taste like them too. Luckily looks are quite deceiving and they do taste like doughnuts! Getting the jam in was a little tricky too, but I managed to find a pumpkin cutter tool which was quite handy as a small knife for making a hole big enough to poke jam inside. 

I used this recipe here, but didn't use the glaze and also didn't go through the pain of making my ring doughnuts. Instead, I iced mine for two reasons. One, I thought it was a good idea to make doughnuts past midnight on a Monday morning and two, I have a tendency to make things taste like the sea when something is "salted". This was all so much easier than I thought it would be, and they haven't turned out too badly, I definitely recommend giving them a go. 

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