16 December 2016

rice krispie christmas puddings | recipe

Time to get a little bit Christmassy over here! I'd say I've always felt a little bit of a fraud calling anything which involves chocolate Rice Krispies a recipe, but I'm not sure what else it would be called. And anyway, when I lived in Holland I remember making some small Rice Krispie cakes for my Dutch friends and not a single one of them had had one before. I thought they were something everyone did when their parents first started teaching them to bake, something easy to whip up with four-year-olds. But they'd genuinely never heard of them, and one of my Dutch friends even asked me how I'd made them, which pretty much blew my mind.

It seems a little wrong to write a recipe for these, but I'm going for it! These are great for Christmas - they went down well at work and I think they'd be great for a Christmassy gathering too - easy to make a massive batch loads and they keep well in the fridge for quite a while! 


400g milk chocolate (basically two big bars)
200g Rice Krispies
200g white chocolate
100g butter
5 tablespoons of fluff (or melt down 150g of marshmallows with a bit of water in a pan!)
Red fondant icing
Green fondant icing


Break the milk chocolate into small chunks
Add the chocolate and butter into a bowl
Using the microwave, melt down the chocolate ten seconds at a time
Give the mixture a good stir
Add in the fluff
Give a good stir until the mix is combined
Add the Rice Krispies
Make sure that all the Rice Krispies are coated in chocolate and there are no pale patches
Leave to cool for five minutes
Spoon a tablespoon of mixture into your hands and roll into a ball
If you have trouble with this, spray your hands with oil first
Whack in the fridge and leave to cool for ten minutes
In this time, make your holly decorations
Break off teeny bits of the red fondant and roll into balls
Cut out teeny squares of the green fondant
Using a straw, push the straw into the small square at each little sections
Break the white chocolate into small chunks
Using the microwave, melt down the chocolate ten seconds at a time
Pour bits of the white chocolate onto the puddings
While the chocolate is still wet, add the holly decorations

Ta da!

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