14 December 2016

a bloody good carrot cake | recipe

In terms of classic cakes to make, it doesn't hurt to get yourself on the other side of a carrot cake. For years I didn't eat them, convinced that because I thought carrots were the devil's work I wouldn't like carrot cake. Wrong. I take solace in knowing I wasn't the only one. Carrot cakes were originally popular during the second world war as a way of using up excess carrots, but the cake was in a slightly different format with rations. Then they fell out of fashion, and when carrot cakes reappeared from America with the addition of cream cheese frosting, it took a little while for everyone to get back on side. But it does seem that the addition of cake to most things never really hurts, and cream cheese frosting is usually a winner too. I now have some considerable making up to do.

One of the best things about a carrot cake is that they're so easy to make, and they pretty much always taste good. This is the recipe I've settled on, the cake turns out moist, plus it's simple and easy to make. Using light muscovado sugar keeps the flavour pretty light and using butter too instead of the usual oil means that it's pretty fluffy still. Also remember to always use full fat cream cheese. 



150g butter - melted
300g self-raising flour
225g light muscovado sugar
200g carrots - peeled and grated
75g walnuts - shelled and chopped
4 large eggs
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground ginger
Walnuts to decorate, as you wish!


250g full-fat cream cheese
50g butter
25g icing sugar
Squeeze of lemon juice



Preheat the oven to 180°C.
Grease two deep 20cm sandwich tins
Line the cake tins with baking paper
Put the melted butter, eggs and sugar into a bowl
Whisk until the mixture is combined and slightly thicker
Fold in the carrot until evenly spread out
Stir in the flour
Then stir in the baking powder, ginger and chopped walnuts
Make sure the mixture is fully combined then spread into the cake tins
Bake for about 35 minutes
Leave to cool when finished


Make sure the butter and cream cheese is at room temperature
Add butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and lemon juice into a bowl
Whisk with an electric bowl until blended
Once the cake is cool, spread the mixture on both cakes and sit one on top of the other
Decorate with remaining walnuts - if you're that way included

Eat and be happy!

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